The Washington ride was a challenging journey of spectacular beauty and geographic/climate diversity. I rode this segment with the Cycle America group.


From the temperate rain forests of the western slopes of the Cascades, to the snow-covered crest at Washington Pass, then on to the arid region of the central part of the state, this ride offered a little bit of everything.


Staying dry was a challenge. It rained on five of the six days of the ride. The kind people of Newhalem allowed us to spend the night inside their community center instead of having to endure the cold rain outside in our tents in the city park.


The rain was mostly intermittent, but on the last day it fell constantly and the temperature was around 45-50 degrees. I discovered that my cheap dome tent and discount store sleeping bag weren’t going to be sufficient for these kinds of conditions. 

Page 2, photo 1, Staging area.jpg
Page 2, phot 2 , Rear wheel in Pacific.j
Page 3, photo 3, middle Cascades horizon
Page 4, photo 1,  Washington Pass.jpg
Page 4, photo 2,  descent from Washingto
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Page 5, photo 3,  Grand Coulee dam.jpg

Photos: Staging area in Anacortes at the start of the ride. Dipping my rear wheel into the Pacific Ocean. Climbing the through the temperate rain forest of the western Cascades. Snow clinging to the ground at Washington Pass. An exhilarating descent on the eastern slopes of the Cascades. Dry riverbed in arid central Washington. Grand Coulee Dam.

1990 Mileage Log

78  Anacortes-Newhalem
77  Newhalem-Winthrop
99  Winthrop-Coulee Dam
81  Coulee Dam-Republic
72  Republic-Chewelah
57  Chewelah-Newport
464 miles