More wonderful mountain scenery, especially in the Idaho panhandle. I rode with the Cycle America group again. 


The route went across the Idaho panhandle, into Montana, then turned north into Canada along the eastern edge of British Columbia. We turned east into Alberta and crossed the continental divide at Crowsnest Pass. The overnight at Waterton Lakes National Park was perhaps the most beautiful of the entire trip. We arrived on a very windy day—most of the ride was with a tailwind, but the final miles into the park turned it into a howling headwind so strong that I had to walk my bike. Riders helped each other set up tents in the high winds.


The entire ride included cold mountain nights, but they were more endurable with my new tent and sleeping bag.

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Mountain lake.jpg
Staging area.jpg
Canada crossing.jpg
Waterton Lakes campsite.jpg

Photos: Crossing the Idaho panhandle. A scenic mountain lake. The CycleAmerica support crew. Crossing into Canada with three fellow riders, kids who happened to be from Appleton, WI. An isolated farmstead.  Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta. 

1991 Mileage Log

88 Newport-Noxom, MT
60 Noxom-Libby
45 Libby-Eureka
93 Eureka-Coleman, Alberta
71 Coleman-Waterton Lakes N.P.
48 Waterton Lakes-St. Mary, MT
405 miles