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Megan and I settled into a new life in our apartment. The first hints of spring reignited my desire to ride once again, but as a single parent my available time and commitment to training were far less than they once were.


Still, with the purchase of a Trail-A-Bike, a new opportunity emerged and I was able to press forward on the journey with five-year-old Megan in tow. We rode at various times throughout the summer—a day here, a weekend there. We rode part of the route with GRABAAWR (Great Annual Bicycle Adventure Along
the Wisconsin River), crossed the Wisconsin River on the Merrimac ferry, and stopped at virtually every playground along the way. In seven days of riding, we made it to the Wisconsin-Illinois border. Our longest one-day ride was 40 miles.

We couldn't have made it without the help of a new person in our lives, Pauli, who helped us get to the start points and back from our end points on the route, which was especially important as we got further from home and nearer to the Illinois border.

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Photos:  Wow, is that kid tiny, or what? We took this photo in the parking lot of our apartment, with no idea of how far we would eventually go. Megan and I on the Merrimac ferry. Stopping to enjoy the sunshine and scenery at a country park along the Wisconsin River. A ride in the rain with GRABAAWR.  A warm sleeping bag takes away the day’s chills. Teaming up with friend Joe Timmerman and his daughter for a day’s ride and camping. Clearly, I had a weight advantage on the see-saw. Megan cools off with a moment in the shade. At the Illinois state line, with Pauli there to help us get home.

1994 Mileage Log

10 Wisconsin Rapids-Nekoosa
18 Nekoosa-Wilderness County Park
37 Wilderness County Park-Mauston
38 Mauston-Baraboo
24 Baraboo-Sauk City
40 Sauk City-New Glarus
32 New Glarus-Illinois State Line
199 miles