The relatively flat terrain of Illinois made moving along fairly easy, which was fortunate as our growing distance from home required that we increase the number of consecutive riding days.


We did the state in four segments, two of those coming at the front and back ends of a visit to my family in Ohio. Amid endless fields of corn, we saw a few unusual sights both old and new. We got up close to a nuclear power plant and rode on a trail that was once an old canal towpath.


Once again, Pauli, accompanied by her daughter Megan, made the ride possible by coming along as our support vehicle. In August, Pauli and I were married.

me and pauli on swing.jpg
megan on map.jpg
Pauli and girls.jpg
Megan and me at state line.jpg
Megan on odd playground thing.jpg

Photos:  We decided to continue with the ride as long as we kept having fun, and the fun wasn’t just for the kids—Pauli and I took a turn on this unusual swingset while the girls stood by and watched. At one schoolyard, we found a U.S. map painted on the playground surface,which presented what seemed to be a very appropriate photo opportunity. Pauli relaxes with the girls on a park swing made for three. Megan takes a little stroll along the old canal towpath trail that became part of our route. Another playground, another unique piece of playground equipment. Posing at the Illinois-Indiana state line at the end of our ride.

1995 Mileage Log

45 WI State Line-Highway 64
38 Highway 64-Shabbona
36 Shabbona-Ottawa
22 Ottawa-Morris
22 Morris-Wilmington
34 Wilmington-Indiana State Line
197 miles